1. Complacency

  2. No Ocean
    Nothing Fades

  3. You Make Me Love Me
    The Skinny Dips

  4. What You Really Meant

  5. White Violets
    Mackenzie James

  6. Stop The Time
    Roderick (Stephen Kellner)

  7. Boyfriend's Car
    Flammable Animals

  8. Writing A Handbook On Becoming A Ghost
    Behind The Clouds

  9. Drone
    Owen Mack & The Immaculates

  10. Call Me Crazy (But I'm Feeling Alright)

  11. Da da da

  12. Submerged
    Flammable Animals

  13. Carbon Monoxide

  14. Four Missed Calls
    Flammable Animals

  15. Arroz Con Pollo
    Dry Clean Only

  16. Whatever Floats Your Boat
    99 Regrets

  17. Ghoul's Night Out (Misfits Cover)
    Darrow Chemical Company

  18. Superman (Willie Nelson Cover)
    Dry Clean Only

  19. Later On
    Owen Mack & The Immaculates

  20. Ageless Youth

  21. salvation?
    Wes Mantooth

  22. The Voices

  23. Abby
    99 Regrets

  24. Kill Gaga

  25. WANEGBT (Taylor Swift Cover)

  26. Sleep Paralysis
    Doug Kallin

  27. Can't Hold My Liquor (Kayne West Cover)
    Phil Ocean

  28. Electric Shocks & Flowers
    Wes Mantooth

  29. Why

  30. Jacob Jeffries
    Jacob Jeffries

  31. Jamie All Over (Mayday Parade Cover)
    Brian Kellner

  32. Feels Like Home (live)
    Chloe Angelides

  33. Misguided Ghosts (Paramore Cover)
    Lindsay Kellner

  34. Sail On (Live Recording)
    My Arcadia

  35. Flawless (To My Surprise)
    Doug Kallin

  36. Landslide (Fleetwood Mac)
    Lindsay Kellner

  37. Anywhere With You (Saves The Day Cover)

  38. This, My Voyage
    Mountains & Monuments

  39. Something To Believe In

  40. Our Hometown Hero
    Reinvent Me

  41. Don't Give Up

  42. #BigBitch
    Shaniqua Whitfield

  43. The Truth Is (Go Radio Cover)
    Brian Kellner

  44. Imagine - A One-take Street Musician Symphony
    Arranged by Scott Bradlee, ft. Niia Bertino

  45. Don't Quote Me On This
    (DCO) Dry Clean Only

  46. On/Off Relationship
    The Neon Eyes

  47. More Than Ever (Rebelution Cover)

  48. Know Shit

  49. Candlelight Clouds

  50. Where Have All The Mothmen Gone?
    The Grand Cannons


SK Songs New York, New York

Stephen Kellner
Graduate: NYU Music Tech Program

Vast experience engineering, editing, producing, mixing, mastering bands/artists in the studio, as well as in a live setting.

Musically trained, well-versed in the audio realm.
Very understanding of a budget, for any project big/small.

Everything: $25/hr - EMAIL FOR SONG RATE
Mixing: $100/song - Mastering: $30/song
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